EG Column | Breaking away from the traditional ways of gold trading

Everest Gold has established a grounded foundation in gold trading and is a secured online trading platform with gold-backed stability and instant profits.

At present, the gold exchanges on the market are all commodity exchanges, with large initial purchases and high thresholds. They are only suitable for professional investors; corporations and governmental-linked investors, leaving the retail investors little opportunities to make profits when they invest in gold. In addition, the price of gold varies from exchange to exchange due to different trading channels and purchases, so the gold price chart is different, but the price does not vary much.

Our platform is specifically designed for the general masses and is the only marketplace retailing gold at commodity prices. The price of our limited edition of EGU (Everest Gold Units) is much lower than that of banks. For example, the price of gold commodities is less than US$60 per gram, while the bank price is about US$80 per gram. However, the price of gold from Everest Gold is the same as that of gold commodities, that is less than US$60 per gram. Therefore, after investors purchase our EGU, the transaction price between them and the other investors on our platform is still within the reasonable price range even if it exceeds US$70. Because even US$70 a gram is US$10 cheaper than the US$80 offered by the banks!

This implies that our users are already making a profit when they trade gold on our platform. Moreover, the biggest difference between us and the gold retailers on the market is that the gold retailers take away your profits through the sales price and the buyback price. At Everest Gold, we break the investment model of the traditional gold trading and protect your interests from being eroded in large quantities! We do not charge any transaction fees, and all users are entitled to 100% profits from our platform and enjoys a highly liquidity in their gold investment experience.

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