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Gold has been used as the global wealth measurement standard for thousands of years, and its stability and rarity are regarded as the first choice for wealth reserve. Although the price of gold can be volatile in the short-term, it is undeniably a safe-haven commodity that still retains its value over the long-term. It is an investment well worth considering.  So, what is stopping people from taking the first step in gold investing?

One major deterrence is the high investment threshold required for investing in gold financial products and in the purchase of physical gold. Moreover, the uncertainty of investment risk deters public investors from cashing out their profits instantly. If this applies to you, we advise you to actively seek out a suitable trading platform which suits your needs.

Continuing with the previous EG Column, let us continue to explore the advantages of Everest Gold and find out how Everest Gold is—the only gold trading app you need.

I. Transparent cost

At Everest Gold, you can experience gold trading with zero transaction fee. We do not charge our users any intermediary, commission, storage or management fees. You do not have to worry about any additional stamp duty as well. Everyone can invest in gold like never before.

II. User-friendly experience

Ensuring a good user experience on our platform is one of our key priorities. Our Everest Gold platform is designed with features that are simple enough for beginners yet comprehensive for experienced traders. You can trade via our mobile application or desktop versions according to your habits, to grasp the real-time price trend through the gold statistics. You will also get to achieve high efficiency in gaining profits and growing your long-term investment within a few clicks.

Everest Gold believes that every investor deserves to enjoy the same investment rights and the full potential of digital gold trading. Let our investors take control of their investment to experience instant profits. Everest Gold’s digital trading platform has revolutionised the way physical gold is being traded and offers unlimited profitable opportunities for anyone who might be keen to include gold investment in their portfolio.

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