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Invest and profit like never before 

Gold is traditionally considered a safe-haven asset. As gold carries low risk, it is an ideal diversification and impairment tool during bear market as a hedge against inflation and currency risk. 

In the past, due to high retail prices, high investment threshold, as well as the difficulty of converting gold to cash instantaneously, it has deterred ordinary public investors from investing in physical gold. But these risks associated with traditional gold investment is mitigated with Everest Gold’s trading platform. With cutting-edge technology, we created the first-ever digital gold trading platform in Asia by lowering entry barriers with competitive retail gold prices and presenting flexible trading hours for every investor. Everest Gold is reshaping the way you invest in gold.

Now, let’s explore the charm and benefits of Everest Gold trading platform.

I. Ultra-low investment threshold

Unlike other major exchanges, the minimum trading volume on our platform starts from 0.01g of gold which is equivalent to USD 0.60 based on the current gold spot price. You can kick-start your investment journey with a low capital investment and gradually increase your capital according to your budget.

II. International competitive gold retail price

Everest Gold is the only platform that retails gold at wholesale commodity prices. Generally speaking, if the price of the gold commodities is USD 60 per gram, the banks would typically increase the retail gold price to USD 80 per gram. What differentiates us from the rest is that the price of gold sold on our platform is referenced to the price of international spot gold, USD 60 per gram. 

Bank and other gold retailers erode investor’s profits through the buys and sells prices. Everest Gold does not profit from these price spreads. And since Everest Gold does not levy any transaction fees, investors can maximise their profits by trading gold with us.

III. 24/7 real-time trading 

Gold is a globally-traded product. Trading hours on other market exchanges are restricted, as different markets open at different timings. For example, the end of the London market affects early market prices in the United States. The closing price in the United States affects the opening price in Hong Kong. The closing prices in both Hong Kong and the United States affect the opening price in London. In addition, prices are also affected during holidays or closure of the international markets. 

Everest Gold provides a 24/7 real-time trading platform, making gold trading more timely and accessible for our investors. You can choose to enter and exit the market at your desired price and time. Moreover, you can trade multiple times a day, making instant profits and cash out, and be in absolute control of your own investment on our platform.

After understanding the advantages of Everest Gold trading platform, do you know how is EGU priced?

Everest Gold purchases 999.9 investment-grade physical gold bars at current market prices from an authorised dealer, Metalor Singapore periodically, and issues digital gold in Everest Gold Units (EGU) onto our platform through Gold Subscription Event for subscription and trade. The issuing price of EGU references the international spot gold price as a benchmark. Everest Gold issues gold solely for trading purposes, there is no obligation for users to buy back any gold.   

Enjoy the convenience of trading on Everest Gold’s platform, anytime and anywhere. 
Kick-start your gold trading journey with us today! 

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