EG Column | 100% ownership of gold at Everest Gold

You have full control of your gold

In our previous column, we introduced how Everest Gold has partnered professional regulators and trust companies to oversee the supply, storage, and collection of gold, while strictly monitoring the regulatory process to ensure full compliance.

More importantly, we used cutting-edge technology to create unprecedented digitalised gold trading to achieve a secure and transparent trading model so you can trade with ease of mind. 

We break down gold bullions into smaller digital units, known as Everest Gold Unit (EGU), where 1 EGU is equivalent to 0.01 gram of gold.

All EGUs represent digitalised gold that is 100% backed by real gold stored in a custodian vault. You can invest, trade, and own 100% real gold simply by trading EGUs on our platform.

Register an account with Everest Gold to kick-start your investment journey, and own physical gold!

100,000 EGUs = 1 kg of gold (1 bar of gold)

If you want to collect your physical gold, you may contact our customer service team at [email protected].

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