EG Column | Allow your principal sum to achieve optimal profits

Initial trading on Everest gold platform have priced EGU at a discount over traditional bullion dealers. Users can buy EGU (0.01g) at the current price of USD $0.5580 compared to bank’s physical spot price of USD $0.7829, making an instant profit of USD $22.49 for every gram purchased. In view of the ongoing Gold Subscription Event ending July 9, 2020 expected to be at USD $0.5700, users should seize this opportunity to accumulate EGU at a discount.

Our platform offers users the opportunity for high turnover of trades and instant profits. Everest Gold has no transaction fees for the number of trades being done. Therefore, users can keep 100% of their profits from trading on our platform. Compared to traditional bullion dealers, significant percent of profits gained will be eroded away to pay the large bid-ask spread for every round turn transaction making intraday trading an uneconomical endeavour. By buying at discounts and selling at premium at the current market fair value on our Everest Gold platform over banks’ prices, users can make instant profit!  

Users can also decide to cash out their EGU for profit or continue to trade intra-day with no additional fees. This not only aids in liquidity, but also allows orderly price discovery giving users the chance to enter and exit the market at their desired price and time. Not only can users buy and sell gold at way better price to bank physical gold price, Everest Gold users enjoy the benefits of high liquidity, fungibility and ease of accessibility of electronic gold traded on traditional futures exchanges while also enjoying the benefits of taking delivery of their physical gold if they so wish to.

This shows that Everest Gold not only makes investments easier, it is a perfect combination where your principal sum is protected and investment gains are maximized. Investors do not need any specialized trading experience to yield higher profits. Compared to other platforms, the experience on the Everest Gold app is faster and also more secured.

The current discounted price of EGU trading on our platform compared to traditional bullion dealers and global benchmarked price reflects the current true nature of our new platform with only about 38,000EGU approximately in circulation from the beta rewards distributed. At present, the platform has gradually formed a small trading market.

We will release the limited-time sale of EGU on July 9. We look forward to your continued support in our Gold Subscription Event. Purchase EGU at a more favorable international spot gold price and enjoy high liquidity gold investment opportunities!

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