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Everest Gold Bullionaires

Our inaugural Everest Gold Bullionaires has officially ended. 

It was indeed a golden period to be able to witness the competition between the users and thank you to everyone who has participated in this event. 

Congratulations to our Top 15 Bullionaires below who will be bringing home attractive cash vouchers! 🎉

All Bullionaires will be notified via their registered mobile number within the first week of our result announcement and will be invited to our office to collect their prizes (cash vouchers). 

We look forward to bringing you similar events in the future. Please keep your eyes peeled for more events coming your way and follow us on our social media platforms @EverestGoldSG. 

This awesome April, trade your way up to becoming one of our top 15 Everest Gold Bullionaires and take home attractive CapitaVouchers* worth a whopping SGD 4,800. 

Here are the full details:  

Event Period 
12 Apr 2021, 1200hrs to 25 April 2021, 2359hrs (GMT+8)

Who can take part?

All verified Everest Gold users (Worldwide) 

How to take part: 
1. Download the Everest Gold app, register an account and get verified 
2. Conduct at least 10 trades (Buy = 1 Trade, Sell = 1 Trade) 
3. Total transacted value is no less than USD 300

The top 15 users with the highest number of trades and transacted value will take home these CapitaVouchers* worth a total value of SGD 4,800. 

Rewards Breakdown:  

*Terms and Conditions apply.


1. Participation in the “Everest Gold Bullionaires” (“Event”) is subject to Everest Gold Pte Ltd’s (“Everest Gold”) Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”).

2. The official language for the T&Cs is in English.  If there are any discrepancies or conflicts between the English version and different language versions, the English version shall prevail.

3. Everest Gold reserves the right to cancel or amend any rules, terms, and conditions at our sole discretion.  Amendments to the T&Cs will be posted on our website.

4. By taking part in the event, users agree to be bound by and to comply with the T&Cs.  Non-compliance with or breach of any T&Cs may disqualify a user, and any vouchers awarded may be forfeited, withheld, withdrawn, or reclaimed.

5. Everest Gold may disqualify a user who is deemed dishonest, and/or suspend or terminate a user’s account as a result of suspicious activities which include purchasing or creating fake accounts.

6. Any user found to be involved in self-trade with the intention to get ahead of other traders in the trading competition by giving the impression of legitimate trading, will either be disqualified or the intentional self-match trades will not be honoured.

7. This event is not sponsored, endorsed, or associated with Facebook.

The Users 

8. This event is open to all verified Everest Gold users worldwide (“Users”), except:  

  • employees of Everest Gold and their immediate family members (i.e. spouse and children); and
  • employees or staff of advertising and promotional agencies of Everest Gold and any other parties who are directly involved in organising, promoting and/or conducting the event, as determined by Everest Gold.

9. Only users who are aged 18 and above with their accounts either verified before or during the event are eligible to participate in this event. 

Event Period 

10. This event officially runs from 12 April 2021, 1200hrs to 25 April 2021, 2359hrs (GMT +8). 


11. To participate, users must meet the following qualifying criteria: 

  • Conduct minimum 10 TRADES of BUY and SELL (buy = 1 trade and sell = 1 trade) 
  • Total transacted value is NO LESS THAN USD 300 

12. Only 15 users (“Qualified Users”) who meet the criteria stated above will qualify for the event and be ranked accordingly on our event Leader Board. 

13. In the event of tied ranks, judging will be based on total transacted value achieved by each user during the event. 

14. Everest Gold will officially announce and publish the result of all qualified 15 users with their nicknames on our social media platforms and event webpage on 26 April 2021. 

15. All qualified users will be contacted through the email address and/or mobile number they registered with Everest Gold within 2 weeks from 26 April 2021. 

16. Qualified users are required to provide and bring along identification documents, such as Singapore-registered identification card or passport for the purpose of verification and audit when collecting their vouchers. 

17. All qualified users agree and consent to the use of their testimonial, photos and videos for marketing and publicity purposes on Everest Gold’s website and social media platforms.   


18. Each of the 15 users with the highest transacted value will be rewarded with attractive CapitaVouchers (“Vouchers”) based on their ranking as follows: 

Rewards breakdown:

  • For Singapore users, they will receive vouchers in SGD of value according to their ranking. 
  • For Non-Singapore users, they will receive Amazon eGift Cards (“eGift Cards”) in USD of equivalent value according to their ranking.  eGift Cards will be emailed to the users. 

19. All rewards that are not claimed by the stipulated deadline will be forfeited at the sole discretion of Everest Gold. 

Vouchers/e-Gift Cards 

20. Vouchers and eGift Cards received by the qualified users are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash, reward points, Everest Gold Units, and/or any other items. 

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