EG Announcement | *Updates* Beta Rewards redemption

Dear users,

It has come to our attention that due to the Covid-19 situation, many of you are unable to complete your account verification before 30 June and are unable to receive your full beta rewards.

We have made some changes so you can receive the full rewards you have earned.

For users who are unable to complete your account verification before 30 June due to unforeseen circumstances:

If your beta rewards are worth more than 300,000 rewards points, we will make up for the difference in equivalent reward points based on the gold spot price on the day of account verification.

For example,

Gold spot price on the day of account verification: S$54/gram
Beta rewards earned: 0.86grams of gold, worth S$46.44 based on gold spot price on that day.

S$46.44 = 464,400 Reward Points.

User receives 464,400 Reward Points (worth $46.44), instead of the previous 300,000 points.

Once your account is verified, kindly email to us at [email protected] as per the format below to receive the difference in reward points.

Email address:
Mobile number: (with country code)
*Please input the email address and mobile number that you registered your account with*

Thank for your patience and understanding.

Everest Gold Customer Service team

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