EG Announcement | Trading Competition – SGD 4,000 cash vouchers up for grabs

Dear users,

We will be hosting our first-ever Gold Trading Competition. Put your trading skills to the test and bring home attractive prizes!

Here are the details for Round 1:

Competition Period

24 September, 0000hrs to 30 September, 2359hrs (GMT+8)

How You Qualify?

You need to fulfil these criteria throughout the competition period:

1) Asset value should always remain no less than USD 200 (Total EGU + cash assets)

2) Conduct at least 10 trades (Buy=1 Trade, Sell= 1 Trade)

3) Total transacted value should be no less than USD 400 (Only real-time trading)

Judging Criteria

Top 20% of participants with the highest profit margin will gain an entry ticket to the Grand Final. Tied ranks will be judged based on their asset value (Total EGU + cash assets).

Profit Margin Calculations

Prizes Breakdown


1) Who can take part?

All registered and verified users of Everest Gold.

2) How do I register for the competition?

There is no need to register for participation. All your real-time trading activities and asset value will be automatically recorded throughout the competition period.

3) What happens when my asset value falls below USD 200 during the competition?

You will not qualify to win any prize. It is advisable to deposit more than USD 200 at the start of the competition as the price of EGU may fluctuate.  

4) How many competition rounds are there?

There will be six rounds of competition in total. Please view the dates below and stay tuned for further announcements:

Terms and Conditions

1) All trade values are valid only within the trading competition start and end dates. This round of trading competition is limited to Singapore residents only.

2) Transacted value is an accumulation of both buys and sells in real-time trading, excluding any wash trades.

3) Everest Gold reserves the right to disqualify trades that are deemed to be wash trades or illegal bulk registered accounts, as well as self-dealing or other activities that display attributes of market manipulation.

4) All winners will be notified via SMS on the prize collection details within two weeks from the end of the trading competition.

5) Prizes (cash voucher: CapitaVouchers) are non-exchangeable for cash and/or any other items. Each winner is limited to a maximum of one (1) prize for the competition.

6) By participating in our competition, all users agree to the terms and conditions stated on our user agreement.

7) Everest Gold reserves the right to cancel or amend any rules, terms and conditions at our sole discretion.

Everest Gold Team

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