EG Announcement | Trading Competition – Round 2 starts on 23 Oct 2020

Dear users,

We are thrilled to announce Round 2 of our Trading Competition will start on 23 October 2020 (GMT+8)! Once again, SGD 4,000 cash vouchers are up for grabs!

Trade and stand to be our Grand Winner who will walk away with SGD 1,000 worth of cash vouchers!

Here are the updated details for Round 2:

Competition Period
23 October, 0000hrs to 29 October 2020, 2359hrs (GMT+8)

How to Qualify for Winning Prizes?
Participants have to conduct at least three trades (Buy = 1 Trade, Sell = 1 Trade)

How to Win?
Top 20% of participants with the highest profit in USD will gain an entry ticket to the Grand Final.

Prizes Breakdown

Profit Calculation
The profit in USD will include both your realised and unrealised profits arising from your EGU trading activities during the competition period.

Realised profit: profit that comes from completed trades of EGUs.

For example:
During the competition period, a user bought 1,000 EGUs at USD 0.64, and sold 1,000 EGUs at USD 0.65. Therefore, the user made a realised profit of USD 10.

1,000*0.65 – 1,000*0.64 = 10

Unrealised profit: potential profit, an increase in the value of EGUs that has yet to be sold for cash.

For example:
During the competition period, a user bought 1,000 EGUs at USD 0.64, and holds on to all EGUs. And now the market price of the EGUs rises to USD 0.66. Therefore, we deem the user to have made an unrealised profit of USD 20.

1,000*0.66 – 1,000*0.64 = 20

Also, here is the scenario for a combination of both realised and unrealised profits.

For example:
During the competition period, a user bought 1,000 EGUs at USD 0.64, and successfully sold 500 EGUs at USD 0.67, while holding on to the other 500 EGUs. In this case, the user made a realised profit of USD 15, and an unrealised profit of USD 15.

 (500*0.67 – 500*0.64) + (500*0.67 – 500*0.64) = 30

The EGU market price is fluctuating so that unrealised loss may also occur.

The initial EGU price will be based on the market price at 23 October 2020, 0000hrs when the competition starts. The final EGU price will be based on the market price at 29 October 2020, 2359hrs when the competition ends.

1) Who can take part?
All verified users of Everest Gold.

2) How do I register for the competition?
There is no need to register for participation. All your real-time trading activities and profits will be automatically recorded throughout the competition period.

3) How many competition rounds are there?
There will be six rounds of competition in total. Please view the dates below and stay tuned for further announcement:

Terms and conditions apply. Please click here to read.

Everest Gold Team

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