Dear users, 

For the past two months, Everest Gold has been working tirelessly to reform our business, making strategic changes in order to provide an improved trading platform with a stronger value proposition for our users. 

Our business transformation saw us through a few changes. First, we upgraded the minimum unit to trade from 0.01 grams to 1 gram—1 EGU is now equivalent to 1 gram of gold. This change took effect from 28 May 2021. To bring upon a better user experience, this is followed by the second major change to make Gold Collection as an ongoing service available to our users from 9 June 2021. 

So, what’s up next? The most-awaited and much-anticipated event that all our users have been longing for—the 7th edition of our Gold Subscription Event will soon be held from 22 to 28 June 2021. Users can look forward to subscribing for EGU with their Reward Points during the Gold Subscription event. The EGU that have been allotted to our users can be traded on our platform right away or at any other time. 
We also have another piece of good news to share with you. In order to keep our gold prices competitive and improve overall liquidity on our platform, we have made the major decision to cooperate with and invite other gold dealers and gold companies to participate in our Gold Subscription events. These corporate companies will be able to conduct buy and sell trades with their EGU on our platform. We are confident and believe that their participation will greatly improve our gold prices on our platform and bringing them closer to international gold prices. This would enhance and improve overall profitability for our users. 

7th Gold Subscription Event Details 

Gold Subscription event period22 to 28 June 2021,
12pm to 12pm (GMT +8) 
Expected date of crediting EGU to user’s account28 June 2021, 4pm (GMT +8)
Expected date of refund for unsuccessful subscription5 July 2021, 12pm (GMT +8) 

Minimum EGU Subscription 
Starting from 22 June 2021, the minimum unit of subscription at our Gold Subscription event is 5 EGU which is equivalent to 5 grams of gold. There is no limit to the amount of EGU that users can subscribe for. You’re advised to deposit funds into your account before the event to ensure a smooth transaction. Please read further on the change. 

For example: 
Our original gold bar for gold subscription is 1 kilogram and it is shared by multiple users. If the users subscribed for only 0.01 grams or 1 gram of gold, it would be impossible to divide the gold to cater to different units of gold owned by individual users and users will also find that they are unable to redeem their gold when they want to. 

Validity of Reward Points 
The upcoming Gold Subscription event will be a good time for our users to use the Reward Points they are holding and exchange them for EGU. Users should be aware that Reward Points will expire, we therefore, encourage you to participate in this subscription event. All Reward Points earned before 1 July 2021 will expire on 31 December 2021. You are advised to take note of the important expiry date and utilise the Reward Points before they lapse.  

Log in and Earn Reward Points 
Are you aware that you can earn and accumulate Rewards Points just by logging in to our app daily and consecutively for 15 and 30 days? Up to 43,000 Reward Points will be rewarded just by you logging in to our app daily and persistently for 30 days. Refer below on how much you will earn for each login.  

Earning Reward Points is so simple and easy. Remember to log in daily to earn and accumulate your Reward Points to subscribe for EGU in our subscription events. 

Monthly Gold Subscription Events 
We heard you when you requested for more Gold Subscription events. And, we are excited to announce that starting from June 2021, our users can expect more subscription events happening, going forward. There will be at least one subscription event to be held every month that our users can look forward to. So, start to subscribe, trade, and accumulate your EGU to ultimately bring home the real gold you own. 

Do contact our Customer Service by emailing to [email protected] if you need assistance.

Don’t miss out on this Gold Subscription event and more…that are coming your way! 

Everest Gold Team