Trading Competition Round 4 EN - Winners
Everest Gold Trading Platform
Everest Gold Trading Platform

Trading Competition Grand Final

After six rounds of Trading Competitions, our Grand Final has ultimately drawn to a close!  

Cheers to all Grand Final users who have come this far. It has been a tumultuous journey but an exciting one, and we, from Everest Gold, are so glad that you have made it through with us!   

Here is the list of names for the winners of our Grand Final:

All winners will be notified via their registered mobile number within the first week of our result announcement, and winners will be invited to our office to collect their prizes (cash vouchers). 

Thank you once again for the love and support shown during the past six rounds of trading competitions.

We look forward to bringing you similar events in the future. Keep a lookout for more updates here and also follow us on our social media platforms @EverestGoldSG. 

At last, the moment that you have been waiting for has arrived. We are counting down to just one week away to the final round of our Trading Competition!

Below are the details for Round 5: 

Competition Period
3 February, 0000hrs to 9 February 2021, 2359hrs (GMT+8)

How to qualify for winning prizes?

  • Only users with entry ticket are eligible to participate
  • Participants have to conduct at least three trades
    (Buy = 1 Trade, Sell = 1 Trade)
  • And transaction value is no less than USD 600
    (Transaction value = buy value + sell value)

How to win?

Top 20% of participants with the highest profit in USD will walk away with attractive prizes!

Prizes Breakdown

Profit Calculation

The profit in USD will include both the user’s realised and unrealised profits arising from the EGU trading activities during the competition period. The EGU market price fluctuates so that unrealised loss may also occur. The initial EGU price will be based on the market price as at 3 February 2021, 0000hrs when the competition starts. The final EGU price will be based on the market price as at 9 February 2021, 2359hrs when the competition ends.


1) Who can take part?

Only users with an entry ticket to the Grand Final will be eligible to participate.

2) How do I register for the competition?

The competition is only open to users who have won our Grand Final entry tickets. The entry ticket is obtained from our previous five rounds of trading competition. All your real-time trading activities and profits will be automatically recorded throughout the competition period.


1. Participation in the Trading Competition (“Competition”) is subject to the Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”).

2. Entry into this competition is deemed acceptance of these T&Cs and any amendments, additions, replacements, variations and modifications hereto, shall be final and binding in all respects on each participant.

3. The official language for the T&Cs is in English. If there are any discrepancies or conflicts between the English version and different language versions, the English version shall prevail.

4. The final decision of the published competition results remains with Everest Gold Pte Ltd (“Everest Gold”).

5. Everest Gold reserves the right to cancel or amend any rules, T&Cs at our sole discretion. Amendments to the T&Cs will be posted on this webpage.

Qualifying Participants 

6. This competition is open to all verified users with Trading Competition Grand Final entry tickets (“Participant“).


7. Prizes refer to cash vouchers (the “Prizes”).

8. Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable and non-cash prizes cannot be exchanged for cash and/or any other items.

9. The winner will receive details of the prize  

  • Grand Prize winner with the highest profit in USD wins SGD 2,000 cash vouchers.
  • Category finalists (14 winners) with the next highest profit win the respective prizes reflected in the prize breakdown table.
  • The remaining top 20% qualified participants will win SGD 10 cash vouchers.

10. The ranking of the winners is dependent on their profit, and the value of prizes will be given accordingly. Tied ranks will be judged based on their total asset value (EGU + cash assets).

11. Participants agree to authorise Everest Gold to include their nicknames and profits made during the competition in the public announcement of the competition results.

12. Winners for the contest will be contacted within two weeks from the end of the trading competition through the mobile number registered for prize collection. Winners agree to authorise Everest Gold to use photographs and/or videos featuring them, as well as their quotes on our company’s website or any other official channels of communications.

The Trading Competition

13. Trading competition starts on 3 Feburary, 0000hrs and ends on 9 Feburary, 2359hrs 2021 (GMT+8).

14. The profits (realised profit + unrealised profit) are ranked from real-time trading activities only.

15. Participants will be disqualified from the competition if any of the following situations occur:

  • Participants with more than one trading account.
  • Two or more participants using the same IP address.
  • Trading in a grouped or coordinated manner with other participants, such as the deployment of various team tactics that include consolidation of participants into a group with the purpose to get a statistical advantage on one of the accounts.
  • Participants who use additional plug-ins or smart trading programs for trading.
  • Any manipulations deemed to have adverse price effects such as mirror trading, wash trades etc., to get an unfair advantage over other participants.

16. By entering the competition, participants agree to be bound by and to comply with the T&Cs. Non-compliance with or breach of any of these T&Cs may disqualify a participant at any stage of the competition, and any prizes won may be forfeited, withheld, withdrawn or reclaimed.

17. In severe cases, Everest Gold may suspend or terminate the participant’s account on suspicious activities, and may even seek compensation from the participant for damages suffered by the company.

18. Winners are required to provide their full particulars, including their full NRIC/Passport/Identification number for the purpose of verification and audit.

19. Participants acknowledge that all investments and transactions involve risks, and seek independent professional advice if necessary.

Everyone’s investment profile is different, and there are many factors to consider before starting to invest. Here are some ways you can get a head start on your personal investment planning in 2021.

Consider your budget and financial health

Before you begin, list down your current liabilities, as well as the future expenses you have to save for. Make a comprehensive note of your financial needs to better understand how to make a budget for your investments.

Investing requires a sum of money out of your disposable income, so it would be good to determine how much you want to invest by setting aside a monthly budget. Establishing your budget can also help you determine the types of investment you want to make. 

Although investing is important, it shouldn’t take priority over your current financial needs. Be practical about your budget so you don’t compromise on savings and necessary expenses.

Write down your financial goals

Think about your financial goals. Are you trying to earn enough money to afford big-ticket items or aiming for a comfortable retirement? 

For example, a car could cost $100,000 to $200,000 depending on the type you want to purchase. A comfortable retirement by the time you retire could require any amount from $300,000, depending on your age and preferences. 

After mapping out your financial goals, consider the period you would like to invest in an asset.

Investments are often time-based—you either hold or sell your investments depending on how the market is doing and on the time frame for your goals. 

Some assets are more profitable in the short term, while others take time to reap returns. Set a reasonable timeline for yourself and align your investments with the time period you require to meet your goals. 

Determine your risk tolerance

Every investment comes with a certain amount of risk. With the constant fluctuation of the economy’s health due to the pandemic, you may want to spend some time writing down your financial outlook for 2021. 

If the pandemic has heavily impacted your financial status, you might consider being more conservative in your spending this year and avoiding high risks. Your priority now might be to increase your emergency savings instead of making a long-term investment. 

In this case, you can look towards investments that have lower risks and low upfront capital requirements. Gold and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF) are assets that have low barriers to entry and are relatively less risky. 

On the other hand, if you’re confident or have sufficient upfront capital to handle bigger potential losses, you might be more bullish and can consider taking on investments with higher risks.

You can consider investing in stocks and bonds, or cryptocurrency. These are riskier investments but may potentially bring about high market returns. 

Do your research on each investment

Other than the most common investment assets like stocks and bonds, there are alternative investments that you can try out. Identify the type of asset that will align with your budget, risk appetite, and financial goals.

List down factors to decide on the type of investment that best suits your lifestyle and schedule preferences. Ask yourself questions to gain a better direction:

Each investment type has its own prerequisites. For example, you need to set up a CDP account and choose a brokerage when investing in stocks and bonds. For alternative investments like Real Estate Investment Trust me (REITs), you may need to find a suitable brokerage platform. 

Be sure to diversify your investment portfolio and avoid putting all your eggs into one basket. It’s not ideal to rely only on one asset for all your returns because all investments are vulnerable to economic volatility to a certain extent.

Monitor your investments regularly

These days, you can use apps to help keep track of your investments, and provide you with real-time share prices, insights and summaries.

If the brokerage platform already has these functions, be sure to use them. For example, Everest Gold allows you to trade gold conveniently on an app, and you can even check gold prices with their live gold chart.

Remember that your financial goals might change along the way. It’s important to make sure that they continue to align with your investments so you can determine when to sell or hold certain assets.

Start creating your 2021 investment plan today

There are so many ways to invest, especially with the online platforms available today, but you need to find a method and plan that works for your present situation and goals.

Lay out your investment plan before investing to avoid potential confusion or be overwhelmed by choices. Remember to do your research, set your budget, and make realistic goals for your investments!

Start your 2021 investment plan from as low as USD 0.60 and accumulate your wealth little by little, day by day. Download the Everest Gold app from the Apple Store and Google Play Store today!