HO-HO Holiday Giveaway
Everest Gold Trading Platform
Everest Gold Trading Platform
Refer a friend and get amazing gifts

HO-HO Holiday Giveaway

🎁 Congratulations to the following users who are bringing home the respective gifts:

1 gram Argor-Heraeus Gold bar

Everest Gold Drip Cake
@Gavin heng

A pair of Gold Class Movie Vouchers
@Joe Lee

We will be contacting you within 2 weeks so be sure to check your notifications 😎 Thank you for your support and making this giveaway a great success! 🥳

Refer your friends and get rewarded with amazing gifts beyond just reward points! Join our HO-HO Holiday Giveaway and be rewarded with 1-gram Argor-Heraeus Gold Bars, Gold Class Movie Vouchers and Everest Gold Drip Cakes.

Here are the full details:

Giveaway Period: 16 November 2020, 0000hrs to 30 November 2020, 2359hrs

Who can take part: All verified Everest Gold users (Singapore residents only)

 How to take part:

  1. Download and sign up for an account via email address
  2. Complete the account verification process
  3. Refer your friends and qualify for the respective tiers of gifts

What are the gifts:
Based on a first-come-first-served basis, users who qualify for the respective referral tiers during the Giveaway period will bring home these amazing gifts:


1. Participation in the HO-HO Holiday Giveaway (“Giveaway“) is subject to the Terms and Conditions. (“T&Cs”).

2. The official language for the T&Cs is in English. If there are any discrepancies or conflicts between the English version and different language versions, the English version shall prevail.

3. Everest Gold Pte Ltd (“Everest Gold”) reserves the right to cancel or amend any rules, terms and conditions at our sole discretion. Amendments to the T&Cs will be posted on our website.

4. This Giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or associated with Facebook.


Qualifying Users

5. This Giveaway event is open only to all verified Everest Gold users living in Singapore (“Users”).

6. Only users and referrals, aged 18 and above who got their accounts verified during HO-HO Holiday Giveaway campaign period, will be eligible for the gifts.



7. A total of 27 users will be rewarded with these gifts when they meet the minimum requirement for each referral tier, on a first-come-first-served basis. These gifts are given out in addition to the reward points usually received by the users with every verified referral.

8. All gifts are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash, reward points, Everest Gold Units (EGUs) and/or any other items.

9. All 27 users’ nicknames will be published in the Facebook Giveaway post and on Everest Gold’s website on 3 December 2020, 1700hrs.

10. All 27 users agree to authorise Everest Gold to include their nicknames in the public announcement of the Giveaway.

11. All 27 users will be contacted within two weeks from the date of the announcement on 3 December 2020 via the email address registered with Everest Gold. All gifts which are not claimed by the stipulated deadline will be given away to the next user at the sole discretion of Everest Gold.

12. All 27 users are required to provide their full particulars, including their government-issued identification card and details for the purpose of verification and audit.

13. All 12 users who are gifted with the 6-inch Everest Gold Drip Cake by River Ash Bakery Singapore may refer to the Terms and conditions here before collecting their cakes.


The HO-HO Holiday Giveaway

14. The Giveaway period runs from 16 November 2020, 0000hrs to 30 November 2020, 2359hrs.

15. The following persons are not entitled to participate and do not qualify for the Giveaway:

a. Employees of Everest Gold and their immediate family members (i.e. spouse and children); and

b. Employees or staff of advertising and promotional agencies of Everest Gold and any other parties that are directly involved in organising, promoting and/or conducting the Giveaway, as determined by Everest Gold.

16. By entering the Giveaway, users agree to be bounded by and to comply with the T&Cs. Non-compliance with or breach of any of these T&Cs may disqualify a user, and any gifts awarded may be forfeited, withheld, withdrawn or reclaimed.

17. In severe cases, Everest Gold may disqualify a user who is deemed dishonest, and/or suspend or terminate a user’s account as a result of suspicious activities which include purchasing or creating fake accounts.

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