One of our new users, Anna, has provided us with valuable feedback. With her consent, we are happy to share with you how she has successfully created passive income using Everest Gold.

Anna is a college student who spends her spare time earning extra pocket money by taking up a part-time job. Her friend introduced the Everest Gold app to her as an alternative pathway to grow her income. Despite having no trading experience, she decided to give it a try and started her trading journey with a capital of US$300. She bought 200 EGU at US$0.6390, amounting to a total of US$127.80. When the gold price rose, she seized the opportunity and sold the 200 EGU at US$0.6570, amounting to US$131.40 (US$131.40 – US$127.80 = US$3.60). Within one transaction, Anna successfully gained a profit margin of 2.82% just by leveraging on the price difference.

Anna immediately realized that she had three initial fixed perceptions of gold investments. Her three “high” factors include (i) high threshold, (ii) high cost and (iii) high risk.

“Everest Gold has completely changed my view on gold investing. The minimum trading amount starts from 0.01g of gold which has already lowered the entry barrier for me. I no longer need to accumulate large capital before I can start investing. It allows me to plan my finances better and greatly reduce the risk of investment. Plus, their interface is easy to use, making it suitable for a new public investor like myself.”

“Turning passive into active investment is the most reassuring investment security,” Anna shared. She further added that the biggest advantage of using Everest Gold is that each investor can decide when to enter and exit the market at their desired price and time. “This is something that you cannot experience on other channels. When the gold prices fall, we can continue to buy more EGU or hold on to the current ones we have until the gold prices rebound. Once that happens, we can quickly cash out our profits. Even if the gold price falls, we will not suffer any losses because we are not selling them at a price lower than our initial buying price.”

Anna shared that her strategy was to trade with other users multiple times a day as that allowed her to make instant profits and accumulate wealth at her fingertips. As there are no transaction or commission fees on Everest Gold, Anna was able to trade, profit and cash out immediately. Hence, she withdrew her profits and bought herself lunch that day.

“Don’t underestimate this ‘free lunch’. If the profits can cover one meal today, we will be able to earn more to cover two, three or even more lunches to come.”

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