As is known to all, investors are generally divided into public investors and professional investors. At present, public investors can only buy gold from banks or retail traders. In addition, gold needs to be converted into cash to make a profit, and when it is converted, it can only be sold back to the original bank, which takes away the investors’ profits through selling and buying prices. For example, the bank’s asking price is US$80/g and the buying price is US$60/g (taking reference from commercial banks’ real gold prices). As a result, it is not only difficult for public investors to make a profit by investing in gold through the use of this traditional trading mode, but the profit model is time-consuming and ineffective. Investors can gain profit by holding onto their gold for a period of time and waiting for the price to rise above US$100.

The pricing power of any commodity is dependent on the end retailers. At present, the gold retailers in the market are banks and gold merchants, hence the retail price of US$80/g is equivalent to the price of gold. However, these exchange platforms present high entry barriers and require a minimum number of trades. Therefore, it is only suitable for professional investors, institutional investors and government investors, but not for public investors.

The biggest difference between Everest Gold and other gold retailers is that we are the only platform to retail gold at wholesale commodity prices. Users can set their own prices at any time 24 hours a day, convert gold units into cash multiple times, and make instant transactions. Through our platform, users can trade with each other multiple times on the same day and profit from the margin. We not only protect investors’ interests, we also return all profits to them, allowing our users to own the absolute pricing power of gold.

For example, if the price of a gold commodity was priced at US$60/g, the bank’s price would normally be US$80/g, and we would sell gold at the same price as the gold commodity, US$60/g. Investors can trade between each other on our platform 24 hours a day. Moreover, in order to facilitate transactions, the platform does not charge any transaction fees. Therefore, acquiring gold at a price lower than US$70/g is possible on our platform. This means that the difference of gold selling prices between the two platforms is huge.

Even though our platform belongs to the public retail trading platform, we believe that users should not compare prices with the international commodity exchange but with that of the bank. We would also like to kindly remind our users that although we do not compare with international commodity exchange’s price, price references are only made to control risk.

Everest Gold aims to provide a fast and efficient business model for all public investors. In fact, our trading platform has achieved this and succeeded in giving every investor an equal opportunity to enjoy the full potential profits of gold trading and long-term investment value experience!

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If the user bought 100 grams of gold at US$66.2/g, the total cost would amount to US$6,620. However, in the event where the gold price drops to US$62.2/g, users are advised not to sell immediately when gold price falls. This is because even though gold prices fluctuate from time to time, but the prices are still rising as a whole in the long run.

Users should continue buying gold to build an investment portfolio and set aside contingency funds when they invest, so as to open a position when gold prices fall. In this case scenario, the user should continue to buy another 100 grams of gold, amounting to US$6220.

Here is an example to illustrate the profit-loss margin:

 Profit & Loss  
Gold Price US$)For the gold bought @ US$66.2/gFor the gold bought @ US$62.2/gInvestment Portfolio (US$)
When gold price rebound to 63.26320-6620=-3006320-6220=100-200
When gold price rebound to 64.26420-6620=-2006420-6220=2000
When gold price rebound to 65.26520-6620=-1006520-6220=300200
When gold price rebound to 66.26620-6620=06620-6220=400400

The table above shows that if the user decides to sell the gold hastily after the price falls to US$62.2/g, the user would have suffered a loss of US$400 immediately (US$6220- US$6620= -US$400). On the other hand, if the user follows the investment portfolio strategy illustrated above, the user will be able to make a profit of US$400 when the gold price rebounds.

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As of August 13, 2020, at 7pm, the value of EGU per unit was US$0.6330. At 11:30pm, it rose to US$0.6430. In the case where our users purchase 2000 EGU, they will be paying US$1266. And if they sell 2000 units at US$0.6430, they will be selling at US$1286. Instant profits of US$20 (US$1286 – US$1266) or 1.58% will be achieved.